JP 3D is relatively new and creates and prints unique 3D models focused on model railroading.


Jimmie Pottberg got into 3D model design and printing to create models for his own layout. One of his early projects (shown above) was to take an existing photo that captured the main street of Downs, KS taken by Doug Brush in the late 1950s/early 1960s. That photo was colorized, appropriately scaled, and then used as a backdrop with the buildings on each corner being 3D printed. The original photo follows:


This started out as a focal point for his new Missouri Pacific layout but, as you can see, is only partially completed. He soon began making models for friends and acquaintances to “personalize” their layouts and now this hobby keeps him too busy to complete his original project. This is not really a problem because he enjoys applying his attention to detail and accuracy to create 3D models for others.

A huge thanks to Rick Eckert for the prodding and inspiration to create models for others.

Feel free to contact JP3D to purchase any currently designed items or to inquire about creating something unique for your layout.